Great Bar Ideas: Accenting Your Entertaining Space With The Perfect In-Home Bar

When planning an entertaining space, be it a family room, living room, or kitchen, it is not unusual for homeowners to create a “bar” space.  I put the word “bar” into quotations because the concept of a traditional stand-behind bar might be all that you picture when thinking of an in-home bar.  However, there are many more ways to incorporate a bar into your space without being so literal and expected. Chances are that a lot of your guests will land at your beverage area during the course of a party in your home.  By incorporating your bar area into… Read More

Sophisticated Interiors in South Jersey

When creating stunning and sophisticated rooms the devil is in the details, and creating sophisticated interiors was Kristen Benavides job when she designed for her tony clients in Palm Beach, Florida. Rewind to 2012 when I hired another wonderful Kristen.  Two days after I hired Kirsten Joyce, I received a phone call from a different Kristen who also came with amazing design credentials. I had to check my records to make sure I didn’t miss something.  Could this be the same person?  Itwasn’t, but I made a connection to a wonderful woman who was looking to relocate back to South… Read More