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  • We saw some amazing beds at High Point this season.  Which one is your dream bed?   They are all so great… how do you pick just one? Wait – I know! Redo all of your bedrooms at once!

    Posted by Bridget McMullin on April 19, 2016

  • The furniture industry has always been a “Good Ole Boys” club. Even during my years as a student, it was quite evident who ruled the roost when it came to the industry.  It became even more prevalent when I began attending High Point Market in 2007.  A women’s place was behind the desk, answering phones, and assisting the male sales force. They teetered on their stilettos walking us through the showrooms killing their feet on a concrete floor for a petty temporary wage.  The few women who were representing lines were my sisters. They were warriors against the establishment, and… Read More

    Posted by Bridget McMullin on April 18, 2016

  • One word. PLANNING! Planning for any project takes patience.  It’s hard, especially when our clients have been waiting for years to build that perfect house or to move into their dream neighborhood.  Waiting another day to get started is always tough, especially when they realize that the HGTV half-hour timeline is not compatible with the family room/kitchen open concept vision that needs to be ready by move-in.  The Property Brothers fail to show the five months of planning it took to get to their 6 week construction timeline.  As far as they are concerned, everything happens simultaneously.  Of course it… Read More

    Posted by Bridget McMullin on April 12, 2016

  • Please, read the title again.  As a designer, I say this on every single project.  MDG’s other designers say it on every project.  And still, clients insist on picking paint first.  I am passionate about this stance, so much so that I will stake my reputation upon this absolute statement.  Unless you have an unlimited budget that allows you to have everything custom made, you should never, EVER chose your paint first. Here are the top three reasons why this is a really bad idea: The Cerulean Blue Speech Remember the speech Miranda Priestly gave Andy in The Devil Wears… Read More

    Posted by Bridget McMullin on April 05, 2016

  • Most people have a love/hate relationship with wallpaper.  They love the impact, but they hate the cost. They love the options, but they hate the commitment.  They want the pattern, but are scared of making a mistake.  If you are phobic of wallcoverings but are open to the idea, consider these five neutral options to start your journey. A Neutral Repeat This “tiled” wallcovering from York Wallcovering almost feels like a wood grain or a marble tile.  Much like a faux paint finish, this look is more about texture than about pattern.  The subtle coloring makes it a great neutral.… Read More

    Posted by Bridget McMullin on March 29, 2016

  • The Zone of Chaos!  The Magnet of Clutter!  My Insanity! These are just a few descriptions of my client’s foyers.  Their words, not mine. They lament about the old days, when there was enough room.  This is usually the days before kids.   But now, everything is out of control and they are looking for a quick fix, a furniture solution, a cubbyhole paradise. I had a client a few years ago show me her back entry, which consisted of one door from the garage, one door from the family room, a closet under the stairs, and a top load washer… Read More

    Posted by Bridget McMullin on March 23, 2016

  • Sometimes a foyer is small and sometimes it is grand, but in any situation a foyer sets the tone for the rest of the home. Tiny Takes Small doesn’t mean unconsidered!  The reflective wallcovering, detailed mirror, and dainty artisan pieces make this cozy entrance feel considered. Traditional Accents Before & After:  Everything is the same and yet totally different!  By removing the dated chair rail and adding a cork wallcovering, this antique-style space now feels updated and fresh. Contemplating Casual If not considered correctly, this large Haddonfield, NJ center hall entry could become stodgy.   However, by choosing more casual finishes… Read More

    Posted by Bridget McMullin on March 22, 2016

  • I can’t say it enough – planning takes patience! That being said, like many of our clients, our Cherry Hill homeowners wanted to get moving on their brand new basement right away. They had a laundry list of “must haves” including the existing pool table left by the former owners, a TV area, a play area for the kids, storage for all of the kid’s toys, a bar area for the adults, as well as a place for the kitty litter. Not surprisingly as most “must have” lists go, our clients soon realized that their square footage and predetermined footprint… Read More

    Posted by Bridget McMullin on March 08, 2016

  • When planning an entertaining space, be it a family room, living room, or kitchen, it is not unusual for homeowners to create a “bar” space.  I put the word “bar” into quotations because the concept of a traditional stand-behind bar might be all that you picture when thinking of an in-home bar.  However, there are many more ways to incorporate a bar into your space without being so literal and expected. Chances are that a lot of your guests will land at your beverage area during the course of a party in your home.  By incorporating your bar area into… Read More

    Posted by Bridget McMullin on February 29, 2016

  • When creating stunning and sophisticated rooms the devil is in the details, and creating sophisticated interiors was Kristen Benavides job when she designed for her tony clients in Palm Beach, Florida. Rewind to 2012 when I hired another wonderful Kristen.  Two days after I hired Kirsten Joyce, I received a phone call from a different Kristen who also came with amazing design credentials. I had to check my records to make sure I didn’t miss something.  Could this be the same person?  Itwasn’t, but I made a connection to a wonderful woman who was looking to relocate back to South… Read More

    Posted by Bridget McMullin on February 03, 2016



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