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Comfortable Contemporary

Dublin, OH


Going into this project, our clients had given a backstory regarding their experience with building a previous home outside of Atlanta, GA.  By their considerations, they played it “safe” with the design and colors in their home, which led them to quickly realize after living in the space that safe was not for them.  The home was beautiful but had a generic, uncomfortable feeling for them.  As soon as their careers gave them the opportunity to relocate, they began building excitement thinking about what their next home would look like.  They had a constant stream of inspiration for each and every room.  It became obvious that their style was on the contemporary spectrum, but with a casual, comfortable feel.  Contemporary elements were portrayed using high-contrasting elements, such as black windows and ceilings juxtaposing white walls, cabinetry and countertops.  We were able to take the contemporary edge off by introducing layers of finely crafted trim throughout.  Each and every room was paid mind to who would be occupying the space and the overall feel that we wanted to achieve.

Thank you to Romanelli & Hughes in Columbus, Ohio for allowing Kiki to share her portfolio of her former work.

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